Michael Margadonna, BA

Michael MargadonnaMichael Margadonna began developing his love of the wilds by dodging copperheads and alligators while sneaking through the swampy forests of the southeast, chasing whitetail deer. Being an active and current wilderness explorer, Michael is constantly pushing himself and updating his skills in the field, learning from real life experiences. He has logged thousands of miles on foot and canoe in remote wilderness locations around the world, as well as embraced a lifestyle of hunting, trapping, and fishing year round for food, beginning at a very young age.

As an accomplished archer, Michael is a certified USA Archery instructor and member of the National Field Archery Association with a passion for creating challenging and realistic archery scenarios for himself and his students. He has taught archery with all age groups on all levels. He enjoys teaching everyone from young beginners to old timer hunters, believing there is always room to grow. In addition to being an archer, Michael is both a bowyer (a maker of bows) and a fletcher (a maker of arrows), as well as a teacher of both trades.

Michael enjoys a connection with the earth that he shares with others. In his free time he can often be found (or not) far into the forest somewhere, hunting or fishing for something, or scouting for future adventures. If he is not there he is training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or on the range.